profile pictureHi! I am Gail Weiss, a PhD student at the Technion working with Prof. Eran Yahav and Prof. Yoav Goldberg. My main research interest at the moment is applying formal methods to recurrent neural networks (RNNs), in order to extract more interpretable models such as deterministic finite automata. Once we manage to translate complicated RNNs into such models, we could use them for knowledge extraction, or deployment in high stakes settings (as their behaviour would be verifiable).

Outside of computer science, my interests include baking, drawing, and chasing pigeons off my windowsill. Once a year, I run the ‘kitchen’ for the faculty Mimuna – the end of Passover celebration – during which various helpful students and I make hundreds of mufleta for all the faculty.

I am reachable at sgailw at cs.technion.ac.il, or in my office: room 738 of the Taub building.