profile pictureHi! I am Gail Weiss, a PhD student at the Technion working with Prof. Eran Yahav and Prof. Yoav Goldberg. My main research interest at the moment is in understanding sequential neural networks (such as RNNs and transformers) through the lens of formal language theory, whether in order to extract more interpretable models (such as deterministic finite automata from RNNs), or understand what such interpretable models should even be (as in the case of transformers).

Outside of computer science, my interests include baking, drawing, and chasing pigeons off my windowsill. Once a year, I run the ‘kitchen’ for the faculty Mimuna – the end of Passover celebration – during which various helpful students and I make hundreds of mufleta for all the faculty.

I am reachable at sgailw at campus.technion.ac.il, or in my office: room 738 of the Taub building.

Note: Website

I will be finishing my PhD soon, and starting a postdoc somewhere else :). I’ve set up a less institution-dependent page here: https://gailweiss.github.io

Note: The Neural Sequence Models Theory Discord

(Feb 2022): Recently we have grown a small discord group for people interested in the intersection of Formal Language Theory, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning, from which we sometimes organise and upload talks to this youtube channel. If you are interested in joining this group, please email me for a link!